Bass Pro Shop’s Mythically Giant Quarry Stalker 6000


Definition of QUARRY: a heap of the game killed in a hunt

       Hey YOU! ,..with the face..Thats Right!

Can YOU hold your own against the most sanity curdling horrors mankind’s darkest superstitions have to offer?
Find out in …..Bass Pro Shops Mythically Giant Quarry Stalker 6000 Game!

As the player you assume the identity of a first person hunter with considerably smaller arms than Daryl Dixon. – You must stalk and kill the greatest creatures to churn the murky spittoons of human legend.

Bring your inner fantasy geek and gun-freak hick into unified harmony with a realistic and rewarding shooting mechanic mated to enough monster specific lore to tickle the inner Gary Gygax within all of us.

Objects are closer than they appear.

Design Innovations:

Hunt stunningly dangerous and cunning mythical monsters all with legendary abilities and historically celebrated visages. -Get as close as you dare to set up the shot, and pray your aim is true….. lest you wind up a grotesque and mutilated snack.

Creatures could include…but not limited to the legally safe versions of….
a The Nemean Lion
67 foot crocodiles
dire wolves
trolls, both traditional and Scandinavian.
Rabbit of Caerbannog
28 ft tall Death Bears
giant wyrmes
huge spiders
one, two and three headed ogres……..AND MUCH MORE!…..

Utilize the latest word in military and hunting hardware to bring down impossible beasts and collect what’s left . –The available unlockable arsenal will give the player more opportunities to conquer bigger and more dangerous game.


Lock on the heat signature and let em rip..

Stalk, creep, and trudge your way through visually dazzling and varied environmental hunting grounds that challenge and awe. -Many habitats complement and enhance their monstrous denizens and test the player’s survival mettle on variegated terrains.

Deck out you own personal hub-lodge with mementos of your dangerous safari.
–Creature trophies not only enhance the look of your in-game lodge, but can be utilized to upgrade and enhance weapons, equipment and ammunition to help out in later more advanced hunts.

file_008Noble and elusive unicorns are far more dangerous than they appear..

Fast Facts:

Working Title: Bass Pro Shop’s Mythically Giant Quarry Stalker
Platforms: Durango, Orbis, PC, Gamesplatt-X,
Genre: 1st-person Hunting Action-Adventure Survival
Players: Single-player hunting, Co-op hunting
Target Audience: Males ,Females and other- aged 18-68
Setting: Varied Fantastical and Mythical Lands

Lurking beasts emerge from the mist.

Bass Pro Shop’s Mythically Giant Quarry Stalker ups the ante with the most fantastical monstrosities ever seen in a hunting series. In order to bag the trophies, players will have to avoid detection as they make their way through the bush. They must also utilize master hunting skills such as advanced stalking techniques, baiting, and setting up blinds and ambush points.

Sometimes the hunter becomes the trophy..

Players can explore an area to get a better angle for the shot but risk being spotted, or they can take a low elevation route with poor visibility but plenty of concealment. Nature doesn’t always wait for you to make the first move as the dynamic weather and natural hazards make the hunt even more challenging.

Rapid fire and incendiary bullets help with regenerating heads..

A hunter is nothing without his weapon, which is why Bass Pro Shop’s Mythically Giant Quarry Stalker offers up a veritable arsenal ranging from handguns to missile launchers. Players will always have the right gear and they can purchase upgrades yielding visible strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation.
Advanced shooting techniques such as a smooth trigger pull, accounting for wind direction, and bullet drop are critical to making the perfect shot and essential for survival.

file_007Go for the brain shot..but which head?


Essentially what you would have is Cabella’s meets Skyrim, with some Call Of Duty dashed in for mechanics and real world weapon fidelity.
Bass Pro Shop’s Mythically Giant Quarry Stalker is intended to leverage many of the extant first person strengths into a new and engaging experience of mechanics and theme. Weapon fidelity and creature presentation are key to capturing the awe and majesty of killing these noble creatures.

Use Smart Phone App to Reload the perfect bullets …on the train, in a meeting , or while enjoying a meal on the run.


So go grab your Barret light 50 and an AT-4 ..and go blow up a gnoll or minotaur! …
….unless you’ve  been eaten already!

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