Professional 3D and 2D game artisan with diverse skills and practical experience shipping titles across a broad spectrum of game genres and  platforms.    I started working in games as an artist creating 3D assets and concepts, however my enduring passion drives me to seek out all manner of additional creative challenges across traditional roles and disciplines.

Professional Experience-


Collin College | 3ds Max Instructor  (2013 -present)

  • Create curriculum, classroom lecture material, and instruct students in 3d software.


 Freelance Contract Artist (2010 -present )

  • Create content,creative consulting  and art direction under contract or vendor  license.  Clients include Bungie and The Dave School for Digital Animation and Effects .


Terminal Reality Inc.| Lead Concept Artist/Principal 3d/2d Artist (2000 -2013 ) 

  • 2D concept for environments/characters/creatures/vehicles/weapons/design layout and map/effects /lighting/ ,design visualization for pre-production and new business pitching including system and function illustration, story boarding, palette and color scripting work, UI concept and integration, paper map and level design flow support imagery.
  • Lead Artist – overseeing staff, coordinating art direction, conducting reviews, mentoring and furthering aesthetic principles.
  • 2D promotional art and publication design for product booklets, marketing display, large scale promotional posters and banners.
  • Concepts for legal un-branding of game assets, Creation of in game publications and graphic design/signage/identity, outsource facing concept experience
  • 2D/3D Smart phone game Concept/Design/Asset Creation.
  • 3D character high and low poly modeling, UV-layout , texturing and materials, skinning, effects and accessory tagging and rigging, animation.
  • 3D environments, block-outs and 3D concepts, high and low poly modeling, uv-layout, texturing, world object animation.
  • 3D vehicle design, high and low poly modeling, UV-layout , texturing and materials, skinning, tagging for accessories and effects , rigging, and animation.
  • 3D weapon high and low poly modeling, UV and texturing, tagging,engine integration.


A few of the projects I have contributed to that have seen the light of day include…

  • Walking Dead  (2013)

  • Star Wars Kinect (2012)

  • Ghostbusters (2009)

  • Spy Hunter (2006)

  • Roadkill (2003)

  • Jeep Mountain Madness (2002)

  • Dodge DCX (2002)

  • BloodRayne (2002)

  • 4×4 Evolution 2 (2002)

  • Fly 2 (2001)

  • Blair Witch: Rustin Parr (2000)


Application Experience-

  •  3D Studio Max Proficient  |  Maya and Lightwave Experience
  • Adobe Photoshop Proficient  | Adobe Creative Suite Experience
  • Game engine proficiency including Unreal 4 Proficient with UDK and Unity Experience
  • Z-Brush and Mudbox Experience



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